Fuquay Varina Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist Fuquay VarinaHamby Family Dental Center is committed to providing top-quality pediatric dental care to the children of the Fuquay Varina area. We strive to make our dental office a fun, safe place that kids and their parents feel comfortable visiting on a regular basis.

We love our community and strive to be an active part of making it great –  that’s why we only offer the best dental care for all of our patients. Our dental team approaches each and every child with a warm, caring attitude to make them feel as comfortable as possible. We understand how your child can be fearful of visiting the dentist, making it difficult to get them to feel comfortable coming in for their checkup. That’s why we emphasize making sure kids enjoy their dental visits every time they see us at our office.

Why is it Important to Begin Pediatric Dentistry Early?

It’s important to start your child off with positive experiences at the dentist – this helps encourage good habits to start at a young age. By presenting visits to the dentist office as enjoyable, children will create healthy dental hygiene habits early on that will carry throughout the rest of their life. We are here to help you guide your child into good dental hygiene and teach them the importance of healthy and regular brushing, flossing, and diet.

Our variety of services and expertise are offered for both our adult patients and their children at our office. These services include teeth cleaning and exams, cavities and fillings and emergency dental service. Any kind of dental advice or procedures to maintain a healthy smile can be done or discussed at the Hamby Family Dental Center.

Schedule Your Child’s Pediatric Dentist Appointment Today

At Hamby Family Dental Center, we will always work with you to ensure your children are receiving the best dental care for their needs and your own. Our staff is also comprised of parents, so we understand your worries about finding the right dentist. We want to make sure your family feels comfortable and eager to visit a dental office that they trust.

If you’re looking for a dental office that will work hard to maintain healthy smiles for everyone in your family, look no further than Hamby Family Dental Center conveniently located in Fuquay Varina. Contact us today by calling (919)522-2431, filling out our schedule an appointment form below. We are happy to help you and your children with all your dental needs.

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